Federal Court Grants Professor Tracy Leave to Amend Complaint

Florida Civil Rights Coalition

August 18, 2016, West Palm Beach, Florida – A federal district court has granted former Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy permission to amend his civil rights lawsuit.

Professor Tracy’s Amended Complaint removes twelve (12) individual defendants named in the original Complaint, all trustees or former trustees of the Defendant University’s Board of Trustees, who were originally believed to have voted to terminate Tracy’s federally protected tenured employment. The Florida Civil Rights Coalition has since learned based on information provided by counsel for Florida Atlantic University, that no such vote ever occurred.

The Amended Complaint adds no additional parties, counts or exhibits; it only re-casts and clarifies Professor Tracy’s original claims brought under federal and state law against the remaining Defendants, alleging, inter alia, that Professor Tracy was fired from his tenured faculty position in January in violation of his constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and due process.

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